Cohasset Police Department

Cohasset Police and Fire Rescue Man Trapped in Swamp

COHASSET, MA – The Cohasset Police and Fire/Rescue Departments were notified at 7:42 p.m. on February 25, 2016 by the South Shore Emergency Communications Center that a 29 year old Weymouth man became lost in Wompatuck State Park after being on his bicycle for several hours inside the park. Based upon cell phone locations determined through the enhanced 911 system, the SRRECC determined that the victim was in the vicinity of the power lines behind the water treatment plant on King St. and was trapped in marsh water.

Cohasset Police SGT Christy Tarantino, acting as the incident commander, marshaled resources from the Cohasset Police and Fire/Rescue Departments, Scituate and Hingham Police K-9 units, the Massachusetts Environmental Police and the Massachusetts State Police Airwing with the support and assistance of the Cohasset Emergency Management Agency.

Cohasset Police SGT Jeffrey Treanor and PO Jay St. Ives entered the woods off of King St. and walked the power lines for over a mile until they were able to locate the subject. The Massachusetts State Police Airwing responded to illuminate the scene for Cohasset Fire/Rescue personnel and Environmental Police LT Matt Bass who arrived with an off-road vehicle. These personnel entered through the Doane St. entrance to the park and were able to pull the victim from the water and transport him to an ambulance. Cohasset SGT Jeff Treanor and PO Jay St. Ives both entered the freezing cold water in a marsh, PO ST. Ives up to his waist, an effort to reach the victim.

Due to everyone’s combined efforts, the victim was rescued and was determined to be not seriously injured. He was transported to a location in Cohasset after being examined by Cohasset paramedics where he was picked up by a friend.

Detective Lieutenant Gregory Lennon stated, “This was a classic example of a number of police and fire agencies coming together to combine their resources and expertise to effect a rescue. Due to the weather, the victim may very well have succumbed to exposure if he had not been located in time. I am very proud of the leadership shown by our command staff on scene in addressing this situation as well as the police officers who risked their personal safety to rescue this victim.”