COHASSET — Chief William Quigley is pleased to share that the Cohasset Police Department recently created a video reaffirming its values and commitment to protecting and serving everyone in the community.

“We’re here for you, all of you, and we wanted to share that message and our deep commitment to that mission with the community,” Chief Quigley said. “The Cohasset Police Department is dedicated to treating everyone we encounter with dignity and respect. We know trust is key to developing relationships with our community to ensure we can keep Cohasset safe.”

The video features members of the department including Chief Quigley, Lt. Greg Lennon, Lt. Michael Lopes, K9 Officer Patrick Reardon, Officer Julie Hall, Officer Greg Lowrence, Officer Aaron Bates, School Resource Officer Greg Taylor and Det. Harrison Schmidt.   Values of the Cohasset Police Department shared in the video include:

  • Treating everyone with courtesy and respect.
  • Remaining unbiased and fair
  • Seeing each person as an individual
  • Responding to the needs of each individual
  • Safety as the highest priority
  • Helping to de-escalate situations and conflict resolution
  • Cultivating meaningful community relationships

Members of the department speak to how the values outlined in the video relate to their experiences on the job, and anecdotes shared included life saving efforts, conflict resolution, the role of a school resource officer in the community and helping to locate a missing person.

“I understand that interacting with police officers can be scary; it can make people upset, confused, angry and I try to acknowledge those feelings and respond appropriately,” Officer Julie Hall said in the video.

“My goal is to build a bridge between the police and the community, especially the younger generation,” School Resource Officer Greg Taylor said in the video. “I want them to feel as though they can approach a police officer whether it’s to say hi or if they are in need of help or need some assistance.”   For the latest updates from the Cohasset Police Department, visit their website by clicking here.    


*Video* Cohasset Police Create Video Sharing Values, Commitment to Serving

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