Cohasset Police Department Receives More Than $36,000 in Grant Funds

COHASSET — Chief William Quigley is pleased to announce that the Cohasset Police Department has been awarded more than $36,000 in federal grant funds allocated by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Office of Grants and Research (OGR).

The Cohasset Police Department received a $11,973 grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and a $24,041.76 grant from the Edward J. Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program.

The grants were part of $7.8 million in funding that the Baker-Polito Administration allocated yesterday to provide access to equipment and strengthen training, crime prevention and enforcement initiatives across the Commonwealth.

The JAG program provided $4.6 million to fund needs such as protective equipment and communications infrastructure. The Cohasset Police Department will use their portion of the funding to pay to replace bicycles for the CPD bike unit, which have not been replaced in more than two decades. Funds will also be used to upgrade several radios used by officers assigned to harbor patrol. The new radios, which are waterproof, will allow for communication on several bands, including direct contact with the US Coast Guard during emergencies.

The NHTSA provided $3.2 million to fund traffic enforcement campaigns, safety equipment, and non-enforcement activities to help reduce vehicle crashes and the resulting injuries and loss of life. The funds are allocated to local agencies by the OGR.

The Cohasset Police Department is among more than 160 law enforcement agencies across the Commonwealth that were awarded grant funding. 


*Video* Cohasset Police Create Video Sharing Values, Commitment to Serving

COHASSET — Chief William Quigley is pleased to share that the Cohasset Police Department recently created a video reaffirming its values and commitment to protecting and serving everyone in the community.

“We’re here for you, all of you, and we wanted to share that message and our deep commitment to that mission with the community,” Chief Quigley said. “The Cohasset Police Department is dedicated to treating everyone we encounter with dignity and respect. We know trust is key to developing relationships with our community to ensure we can keep Cohasset safe.”

The video features members of the department including Chief Quigley, Lt. Greg Lennon, Lt. Michael Lopes, K9 Officer Patrick Reardon, Officer Julie Hall, Officer Greg Lowrence, Officer Aaron Bates, School Resource Officer Greg Taylor and Det. Harrison Schmidt.   Values of the Cohasset Police Department shared in the video include:

  • Treating everyone with courtesy and respect.
  • Remaining unbiased and fair
  • Seeing each person as an individual
  • Responding to the needs of each individual
  • Safety as the highest priority
  • Helping to de-escalate situations and conflict resolution
  • Cultivating meaningful community relationships

Members of the department speak to how the values outlined in the video relate to their experiences on the job, and anecdotes shared included life saving efforts, conflict resolution, the role of a school resource officer in the community and helping to locate a missing person.

“I understand that interacting with police officers can be scary; it can make people upset, confused, angry and I try to acknowledge those feelings and respond appropriately,” Officer Julie Hall said in the video.

“My goal is to build a bridge between the police and the community, especially the younger generation,” School Resource Officer Greg Taylor said in the video. “I want them to feel as though they can approach a police officer whether it’s to say hi or if they are in need of help or need some assistance.”   For the latest updates from the Cohasset Police Department, visit their website by clicking here.    


Cohasset Police Department Responds to Large Gathering in Violation of Pandemic Protocols 

 Chief William Quigley reports that the Cohasset Police Department responded to a large gathering at a private residence last night, at which a number of minors were found to be in violation of state gathering restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Friday, Nov. 13 at approximately 11 p.m., Cohasset Police responded to a home on Jerusalem Road for numerous reports of a large gathering.

Upon arrival, officers observed a gathering of approximately 20 underage youths who were allegedly disregarding state-mandated social distancing and face covering protocols inside an enclosed small structure on the property. Open containers were found throughout the structure as well.

While officers were at the scene, several of the occupants began to flee into a nearby wooded area. Police attempted to identify those who remained present and contacted each of the juvenile’s parents to make arrangements to pick up their children.

Police also located two adults inside the main home and identified them as the homeowners.

Cohasset Police, in conjunction with the Cohasset Board of Health, issued the homeowners a $500 citation for violation of Gov. Charlie Baker’s COVID-19 Order #54, exceeding the 10-person limit regarding indoor gatherings.

The Cohasset School District has also been notified and is taking immediate steps to protect students and staff from possible exposure to COVID-19.

“Our department’s top priority is to keep our residents safe,” Chief Quigly said. “We can not stress enough the importance of residents, especially our youths, adhering to public health guidance. All youths should be practicing social distancing and not attending any large gatherings.”



Cohasset Police Respond to North Main Street After Pedestrian is Struck by Motor Vehicle

COHASSET — Chief William Quigley reports that the Cohasset Police Department responded to North Main Street Friday morning for a report of a pedestrian that had been struck by a motor vehicle.

At approximately 11:30 a.m. Friday, Cohasset Police and Fire responded to North Main Street at Cohasset Common for multiple 911 calls reporting that a female had been struck by a motor vehicle.

Upon arrival, officers found a 57-year-old female, from Milton, in the roadway and semi-conscious. A preliminary investigation at the scene found that the pedestrian had been struck by a 2012 Volkswagen sedan traveling northbound on North Main Street. The driver, a 51-year-old male from Marshfield, stopped following the crash and was cooperative with police.

The victim was transported to South Shore Hospital by Hingham Paramedics with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses on scene reported that the female victim darted into traffic and was struck by the vehicle, which was traveling within the posted 15 miles per hour speed limit. 

No charges have been filed at this time. The incident is currently under investigation by the Cohasset Police Department.


Cohasset Police, State Police Bomb Squad Respond to Jerusalem Road After Discovery of 150 Pounds of Live Ammunition

COHASSET — Chief William Quigley reports that Cohasset Police responded to a Jerusalem Road address Monday after being contacted by a contractor who reported finding several thousand rounds of live ammunition inside a vacant house he was working on.

Upon arrival, officers found numerous 5-gallon buckets containing more than 150 pounds of old shotgun, rifle and handgun ammunition. The ammunition was decaying, and black powder was leaking from most of the ammo.

Officers quickly notified the State Fire Marshal’s Office and sent photos of the ammunition to troopers assigned to the State Police Bomb Squad. Members of the State Police Bomb Squad respond to further assess the situation.

After viewing the buckets of ammo, a determination was made that it was not prudent to move the ammo more than a mile away for destruction. Arrangements were made in coordination with the Cohasset Fire Department and Cohasset DPW for the ammo to be transported by a DPW dump truck filled with sand and placed inside an empty dumpster at the DPW garage to carry out a controlled burn to dispose of the unstable ammo.

Cedar Street and the DPW garage were closed for more than two hours while the ammo was safely moved and organized for destruction. It is unclear who owned the ammo or how long it may have been leaking powder inside the vacant home.

“I applaud the contractor for his decision to contact police right away upon finding the ammo, and for our officers and state officials for handling the situation in a timely and efficient manner,” Chief Quigley said.