Process For Renewing or Applying for a License to Carry or Firearms Identification Card


  • ​All applicants should mail or email ( their new or renewal applications.
  • For renewals, we can call it “hands free” by mailing the application and $100 check, the applicant will get a receipt for their check and their license application mailed back to their home address. Licensing officer will call when renewal arrives and can be picked up at station lobby.
  • ​Applicant’s should include a check for the application fee along with the application, no processing will be initiated without the appropriate fee included.
  • ​Applications are available on the Firearms Record Bureau website,
  • ​For licensees who apply for a renewal prior to the expiration of their license (and who get a receipt acknowledging so), their license will remain valid until the agency approves or denies it. As a result, delaying the in-person portion of the licensing process will not prejudice these licensees.
  • ​For licensees who apply for renewal after the expiration of their LTC, c.140, sec.131(i) states that for the purposes of c.269. sec.10 an LTC shall be deemed valid for a period not to exceed 90 days beyond the expiration date unless the LTC is revoked. Note this provision applies only to LTC and not FID Cards.


Click on the links below for firearms licensing forms

Firearms License Requirements

Firearms License Application

Firearms Change of Address

For questions regarding firearms licensing please contact Sgt. Treanor at (781) 383-1055.